pixabay.comOh, good, you are still here! So what is going on here?! There is anger. There is a seed of bitterness. There is a wild thought or misconception that we have allowed to grow unchecked. It has grown, and it had lots of help from the devil and your lack of positive effort because it’s easier to be negative. Remember those birds that are flocking together? They feed off each other, and storylines begin to develop that may be far from the actual truth.

It is consuming you, stealing your hope and joy. Who am I to accuse in such a way? I have been there. I know what you are going through. Little by little, your thought process begins to change. Your spirituality begins to fade. You have become a shell. Empty. We were born again to disciple others. How can we pour out into others if we are empty ourselves? Who are you to judge?! This story is my story; why are you getting defensive?

Other situations in your life may feel less stressful or easier to deal with; overall, life may be fantastic. When we give in to negativity and stop fight the Spiritual battles that come with a Christian walk, some of the pressure will lift because we are not a threat to the demonic armies. This short respite is why sometimes people walk away feeling relief and unburdened, but you have made up your mind that you cannot turn your back on God! It is time to put on the whole armor of God, devote yourself to defeating giants, and get back in the fight!

Many of my friends have been through similar ordeals and seemed unequipped to handle the pressure. The objective I have for you today is to come through it and be more potent and closer to Christ. The following begins your healing process.

eggsandJesus Healing for the Wounded Christian

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