pixabay.com This story is my story. This story is your story. Something has happened to bring you to the point of making a decision that will affect your life forever. Maybe many little things have happened, and it has been building for some time. You feel unappreciated and undervalued. They knew what they were doing from the start and used you.

I have come to let you know that you are 100% correct in your thinking. You have been, or are being, poorly treated. You are the victim. Leadership is working against you and planning things without your knowledge. Those church people are enjoying outings and leaving you off the invitation list on purpose. I cannot believe that you have put up with all of this for as long as you have! Finally, someone wrote it down; this is precisely the way you have been feeling!

You are justified in all of this. Whatever you decide to do, whatever happens next, happens because you have no choice. You tried to play nice. You tried to institute that new program. No one liked the idea that you spent hours and days developing. They do not need you around, and from all of the whispers, it is clear that they want you out of the picture. Life would be much easier if you did not have to put up with this child’s play. Why can’t you just come to church and then go home when it is over? You have worked hard and deserve a little reprieve!

Deep down, you know you must attend church, right?! Think for just a few moments; it isn’t God’s fault for what’s happening. He is forever the same. He’s out there somewhere, even if I don’t feel like my prayers are getting past the ceiling. Is going to the House of Worship still an option? We’ll come back to that.

eggsandJesus Healing for the Wounded Christian

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