pixabay.comin light of the current events and situations that we are witnessing throughout the world, there’s always one question in the back of everyone’s mind; what’s next? you may have lost a friend or a loved one in the global pandemic. perhaps you are watching investments, as the economy has been unpredictable. maybe you’re reading your Bible thinking, “We have to be getting close to Jesus’ triumphant return!” you may just be overwhelmed, and your grocery bag breaks and spills its contents before you can get them into the house. what else can happen? what’s next? for the believer, the what is settled it is the when that is yet unknown.


every book or pamphlet that has ever been written concerning the Second Coming of Christ has been proven wrong. we fixate our efforts on the timing when no man knows the day or the hour. why do we spend so much time trying to find the answer that has been revealed to no one? i agree that any insight would help double our efforts to ensure our spiritual condition at that time. it would also encourage diligence in reaching those that need to hear the gospel. so why not reveal the timing and maximize the potential for immediate salvation? 


i believe the answer lies in the relational aspect of Christianity. should a person know precisely the time of their demise or the return of the Savior, a vast majority would put off any act that was not self-serving. we would hold the largest prayer meeting in history right before the scheduled arrival and possibly never pray before then. humanity was created for a relationship with God. our very purpose for being would not be fulfilled in such an act. a daily walk with God is the best answer for “when’s next.” through this type of relationship, we commune with Jesus and don’t have to worry about what tomorrow may bring.


for us, if yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery, what should our focal point be concerning the “when’s next” and the things of God. i would ask the question, “What’s now?” the church has never had so great an opportunity to witness to those around us. there are hurting people around us everywhere! we have the what that can heal their heart and prepare them for the when. it’s our mandate and our ministry. there is a great revival in this harvest; we need to see it and apply our efforts. what can you do right now to improve your relationship with God and help someone else in their journey? you may already have an idea of what you can do right now. you may have just had the name of someone that needs the Lord to heal them in a specific way come to your mind.


the mission should take priority. there are souls we pass by every day for whom Jesus endured a cross. what’s next? you already know. when’s next? no one has a clue! what’s now? faces of those in your circle that the Lord is desperately trying to reach through you. be sensitive to the Spirit. yield to the Holy Ghost. i’ve heard many in authority agree that the time is getting short, and i agree with them. there’s an anticipation in the Spirit. we look forward to the Day of the Lord, but until then, we occupy. we maintain our Spiritual disciplines and look for opportunities to disciple those around us. the most important what is now


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