pixabay.com        Ministry is work, but by denying self-interests, we ensure that God alone is glorified. Paul was converted in a knocked-to-the-ground meeting with Jesus. He continued to walk in submission as God methodically adjusted his orders. Peter learned that Satan “desired to have him, that he may sift him as wheat.” At this moment, Jesus shared that He had prayed for him and encouraged him to strengthen his brethren. (Luke 22:31-32) What an insight into the behind-the-scenes spiritual warfare that would attack us! Peter learned from this lesson and his early spontaneous assertiveness as he edifies young Christians with these words, “be clothed in humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble” (1 Peter 5:5, KJV) John Bevere writes the purposes for trying one’s faith, as revealed to his wife: “1. To bring closer to your foundation, 2. To remove what is dead, 3. To harvest what is ripe, 4. To awaken, and 5. To unify, or mix together so that it can no longer be separated. (Bevere, p82) Peter learned and shared from his trials that humility is a prerequisite for grace.

           The Leadership Wheel lesson speaks of vision and leadership, but everything we do should be Christ-centered. Jesus should be the focal point, the motivation, and the One who gets the glory! God, working in us, could accomplish so much more if we would not limit Him with our finite ideals. We serve a limitless God that can do the impossible, tear down strongholds, make ways in the wilderness, forge rivers in the desert, and calm storms. “Together, we become a driving force, a spiritual wheel, which moves the kingdom into its rightful place.” (Leadership Wheel) Think big before we go home! There is so much more to this one lesson I don’t have room to include, but I am genuinely looking forward to this class! 

           I have heard so much about personality types that I thought it would be fitting to understand my personality as we advance. After completing an online questionnaire, I discovered my personality type is Phlegmatic with a noticeable Sanguine presence. People with a combination of these personality types label the individual as a “Harmonizer.” The Pleasant Personality website lists helpful habits to implement for self-improvement of the Harmonizer. Among these practices are: improving communication and time management skills, establishing boundaries, and making fewer commitments. “Doing these will allow an iS type to function more optimally and thrive wherever they go.” (Ramesh) Speaking to the practice of making fewer commitments, Made for More mentions, “When you say no to requests for your time and energy that do not support your goals, you are saying yes to yourself and not to the goals and priorities of another person.” (Kinsey, p142)   

           I have recently started a new job with a further commute. I often turn to my Audible app during these times on the road. To help improve myself, according to my personality type, I have added several titles to my wish list for future study. These popular selections include Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, The 16 Undeniable Laws of Communication by John C. Maxwell, and Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman. Combined with help from my Maker, continued study will help to optimize any shortcomings and bring any bad habits to light.

           In conclusion, the thing that I love most about Purpose Institute, among other classes, is how we are challenged in self-discovery. The material and tasks force us to dig deeper, admit areas of weakness, and consider ideas we would have never explored on our own. We strive to become our best versions and encourage others along the way. Not only do we learn about ourselves, but we reveal truths about the Lord, His personality, and His characteristics. Sharing the compassion of the Almighty in this world of skeptics will take wisdom. The look in an individual’s eyes when they experience God for themselves is worth all of the effort. It all starts between your ears, when we get our heads in the game and focus on kingdom needs!


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