pixabay.comthere was a time when we were burned out, for lack of a better term. i do not believe in burnout. i think that you should do something for the kingdom of God. you should work in a church. it would be best to put your talents to use, even cleaning, ushering, or taking roll—all critical duties. it was less spiritual burnout in our case, but our heart just wasn’t in it. we had operated that way for so long that it affected our ministry. the neglect damaged where we were meant to help. i believe the quality suffered because we were going through the motions. finally, we decided to resign from all of our various taskings and concentrate on the root of the problem.

for approximately six months, we focused entirely on reclaiming the territory that the enemy had stolen, the territory we allowed the enemy to steal. we began to focus on the Word. we focused on prayer. we focused on church attendance. i believe that no matter what situation you find yourself in, no matter where you are currently, these basic principles (when completed every day, when done consistently) will enable you to overcome any situation or any circumstance that you are battling. God has not changed. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He has seen this countless times, and he knows what you need. it takes discipline to reconnect with him and switch your focus from what is being done to you to what has already been done for you.

after the six months were over, we had lunch with our pastor. he asked where we would like to refocus our efforts or if we had any idea where we would like to get back in and labor for Jesus. i was very honest (too honest) and upfront with him and let him know that i was currently really enjoying doing nothing. i left that meeting feeling low. i felt so bad telling my pastor i didn’t want to do anything. i have always felt like keeping busy at Kingdom work was essential to maintaining a kingdom mindset. i have always labored in some capacity. my grandmother is turning 91 this year, and her secret to long life, in her words, is to keep busy. i have adapted that to my spiritual life, and i like to stay active.

within an hour of the conclusion of our meeting, i had texted my pastor to apologize and explain it was not that i would never work again. i do feel a call on my life. having overcome the situation we faced, we felt the peace and spiritual strength of simply tending to ourselves. it’s essential to recharge and maintain a personal level of spirituality through a daily walk, where you can feel this way every day, every year. it is possible. you can do it. i think this level of spiritual awareness is necessary, not to horde for yourself, but so you can pour into others. whenever you’re strong, you can help the weak. after all, they may only be weak at that moment.

there are always times when we feel down, tired, or worn out. these are the times that we should be able to rely on a brother, but without the proper attitude, we perceive help as an insult or an offense. i felt as though it was me against the whole world in my down time. nowhere to turn to, no one to lend a hand. most times, the opposite is true. we take a defensive stance in our moment of vulnerability.

in light of this testimony, my prayer for you is that you surrender to the love of God. we fight it with our stubbornness and stiff-necked attitude, but these are the lessons that Israel of old propagated for our learning benefit. when we do things God’s way, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but our self-will is malleable in the hands of the potter. we see clearer and are more patient when we understand that He is working everything out for good, even if we cannot see the big picture. discipline yourself for your eternal benefit, and know that all of the rest will one day fade away. Jesus loves you. hold fast to that truth as we work to see His kingdom on earth and make Heaven our home.

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