when studying the scriptures, in particular the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah, we can see parallels of that time and some of the things we see in today’s world. both of these men faced tremendous difficulties from different sides of grace. i want to take a quick look at these men, who they were, and what they represented. then i will propose that we are living somewhere between an Isaiah and a Jeremiah.

Isaiah was an eloquent man that some suggest was a relative of royalty. we base this statement on his educated mannerisms and that he had access to the king’s court. four kings, to be exact! between the years of 783 and 686 B.C. Isaiah declared the word of the Lord to the highest office of the land, and that word was “repent or face judgment!” the people had turned their backs on God and made a mockery of His law. with a heavenly mandate looming, Isaiah still manages to paint a picture of redemption. his Messianic prophesies are some of the clearest and famous writings pertaining to Jesus Christ’s coming.

Jeremiah, known by most as the weeping prophet, was a loving and compassionate man, but was chosen to proclaimed destruction. whereas Isaiah called for repentance, Jeremiah prophesied the doom of the nation. he ministered between the years of 627 and 586 B.C. and, with heavy emotions, relayed the intentions of God to a people who would not turn back to the God of Israel. if Jeremiah had tried to intercede for the people, God would not have listened to him (Jeremiah 7:16, 11:14). through the tears and the witness of the nation he loved fall, Jeremiah paints a picture of restoration and once again returning to the Promised Land. these words of hope encouraged men like Daniel and Nehemiah, knowing the promises of God are true!

today we find ourselves in a situation where people have once again turned from God. the world is turning to things and entertainment and they are too busy to stop and acknowledge the creator. even Christians get wrapped up in busy schedules and forget to do the basic Spiritual disciplines that keep us close to the Lord. our churches cry out, repent! most turn and laugh or become outraged that you would infringe on their “freedoms”. the day is approaching when there will not be an opportunity to turn toward God. from this side of Grace, we can still make it! Isaiah is calling us to see the wonderful Savior and make ready for a great wedding feast! from the other side of Grace, weeping, destruction, and the missed opportunity to dwell in the Promised Land are all that waits. i pray you take the time to discover the priorities in your life and make the most of mercy.

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