welcome to eggsandJesus.com! i wanted my first post to explain the origins of the site and why i would want to take on such a task. i know the question burning in your mind is, “where in the world did you get the name from?” please believe me when i say there is no disrespect intended with the title. God has blessed me with the opportunity to enroll in classes at my local church and there are plenty of reading and writing assignments. during several of these readings, the word exegesis kept surfacing. a quick search of exegesis in the oxford languages, gives the definition as, “critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially of scripture”. the origin of the word is “interpret” from “out of” and “to guide, lead”. 

i have always been a take-it-at-face-value kind of guy when it came to the Bible, but these classes are opening my understanding and shedding some light on the Holy scriptures. what a great way to pay  homage to those who have helped me during this time in my life, than to post, blog, and share what i am learning and the writings that are  being produced. i’m not looking for a letter grade and this is a good way to archive the material for future reference. 

so being the fun-loving guy that i am, the title eggs and Jesus is a play on the word exegesis. just try to say it five times fast without coming to my conclusion, haha. i could go on about other references to eggs and the morning time, His mercy is new every morning, but in reality, i just thought it was fun…enjoy!

i will be posting from time to time, sometimes the posts will be lengthy. i have already started writing a multi-post paper. maybe some of this will help you out as you share in my experiences. God has been dealing with me about writing and this should help me fine tune my style. comments are welcome, i am not an english major, but trying to get better so no reason to be mean…i reserve the right to hit the delete button, haha.

above all else, i pray that you are blessed. maybe the first five posts do not speak to you, but number six is what you have been waiting to hear for four years! it can happen. believe me, i know. if you do find something you like, feel free to share with someone else. you never know what someone else may be dealing with!

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